Challenges and Strategies in Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning is a part of supply management that coordinates assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services, and all information flowing from a supplier to a customer while balancing supply and demand. Introduction to Supply Chain Planning Supply chain planning is a crucial part of any organization’s operations as it involves the coordination […]

What is Inventory Management?

Introduction to Inventory Management Inventory management is an essential aspect of any business that deals with a physical product. It involves the planning, organizing, and controlling of the flow of goods and materials from the point of production to the point of consumption. The primary objective of inventory management is to ensure that the right […]

Innovations Revolutionising Supply Chain Planning: Unlocking Efficiency and Agility

Supply chain planning is an integral part of any business that deals with the production and distribution of goods. It involves the coordination of various activities such as procurement, production, inventory management, and logistics to ensure that products are delivered to customers on time and at the lowest possible cost. In this article, we will […]

Exploring the latest supply chain trends: digitalisation, sustainability and resilience

In this article, we will explore the latest supply chain trends: digitalisation, sustainability and resilience. What is digitalisation? Digitalisation refers to the use of technology in order to improve efficiency or productivity in a business process. The benefits of digitalisation include faster decision-making processes and improved visibility into your supply chain network. Digitalisation is therefore […]

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the supply chain industry

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way businesses operate across various industries, including the supply chain. AI is a technology that enables machines to perform human-like tasks such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. The application of AI in the supply chain has brought significant benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced […]

Global Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on global supply chains, exposing their fragility and vulnerability to disruptions. As businesses start to emerge from the pandemic and plan for the future, they must consider the lessons learned and adapt to the new realities of the global supply chain landscape. In this article, we will […]

The challenges of Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning involves a series of processes that are aimed at ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of goods and services to customers. The supply chain is a complex network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who work together to ensure that products are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner. However, […]

How to optimize your supply chain network?

There are a lot of ways to optimize your supply chain network, and every company has different needs. The goal of this article is to give you an overview of the most important aspects that should be considered in order to improve your supply chain. If you want more information or want help with the […]

Why the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform is great for the mid-market

Manufacturers and wholesalers vary considerably in their level of supply chain maturity, particularly in the mid-market. Disruption caused by Covid-19 has forced supply chain businesses to assess their position with a view to accelerating their maturity. Now more than ever, reacting quickly and decisively to interrupted supply, or changes in demand, is key to thriving. […]

Logility, Demand Management, and NGC Software Unite Resources, Introducing Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform

Supply Chain Precision are proud to support the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform and are delighted that Demand Solution customers can continue their journey of supply chain maturity within one suite of products and vendor. To learn about the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform click here@ #Logilityforthemidmarket The unified, digital platform powers better decision-making, scalability, and transformation across […]

Supply chain volatility has never been greater

Currently, supply chain issues are the most pressing issue facing firms. CFOs and C-suite executives are operating in unprecedented volatility and disruption, unlike anything we have seen since WWII. The sheer scale of the problem is mind-boggling. Transportation costs are up seven-fold and in some instances more than that. According to some estimates, shipping from China now […]

Why Consider Supply Chain Analytics and how to identify the right solution?

Why should you consider supply chain analytics? What benefits can this bring to your organisation? Throughout this piece, we’ll look at the key advantages of arming your business with supply chain analytics and how they will benefit you. We’ll also discuss the best ways of choosing the right solution for your company.  Enjoy an impressive […]

Demand Solutions Europe Welcomes Ben Marchington As Head of Information Services

Demand Solutions (Europe) Limited are pleased to announce Ben Marchington as the Head of Information Services. Having worked with the team for 5 years, Ben is now in a position to bring a new level of technical expertise to their services. Based in the UK, Demand Solutions (Europe) Limited provides a platform to deliver excellence […]

How to make greener supply chains

With the rising risk of climate change, sectors across the global economy need to adapt, and none more so than carbon-intensive supply chains. However, because of the international nature of supply chains, it is difficult for any individual government to make sweeping changes to the industry’s CO2-intensity.  So, what is the solution? Arguably, policies need […]

 How much inventory should my business hold?

Given the current situation, businesses are reevaluating how much inventory they need to hold. Before the pandemic hit, they thought that they had a good handle on their needs. They could forecast demand quite well. But thanks to the recent disruption, they’re now wondering whether they can rely on old models at all. Sure – […]

Demand Solutions Europe is proud to welcome Stevie Fleming onto the Board of Directors as Director of Operations

Summary: Demand Solutions Europe has appointed Stevie Fleming as Director of Operations. Stevie is responsible for managing the Supply Chain Consultants team responsible for implementing Demand Solutions, Forecast to Fulfilment Platform. Demand Solutions Europe has announced the appointment of Stevie Fleming to the Board of Directors as Director of Operations. Stevie has been in the […]

Tailor-made forecasts to help The Spice Tailor better meet the needs of its customers and consumers.

The Spice Tailor is an innovative fast-growing food company who are passionate about creating authentic, tasty, healthy and convenient meals for their consumers. Finance Director Matt Gordon attributes the authenticity of the brand to the sourcing of ingredients and manufacturing in India and Thailand. The Demand Solutions Platform will help better anticipate demand and improve […]

How rough is your rough-cut capacity planning?

Rough cut capacity planning (RCCP) is a technique supply chain companies use to gain insights on the future capacity requirements of their businesses. For instance, they might use it when investing in new plant, equipment, or distribution centres. Or it might come into play when allocating additional shifts. Usually, RCCP supports the master production schedule, […]

Adaptive Supply Chains and Profitable Scenario Planning

Knowing how supply chain management platforms work is one thing. But understanding how each member of your team should interact with them is quite another. You can often have a good comprehension of the technical side of these solutions, but not the slightest clue about how your salespeople, supply chain managers or finance managers should […]

Get data out of the spreadsheets and into a connected PLATFORM for the whole supply chain

If 2020 proved anything to supply chain companies, it is that the days of using spreadsheets to manage and forecast demand are numbered. The tool is too static, too rigid, relies on too few data sources, and doesn’t automatically react to changes in your supply chain. In short, it’s not fit for purpose. The good […]

Demystifying terminology behind Integrated Business Planning in a connected Supply Chain

Learn how supply chain management concepts, such as control towers, dovetail with other concepts, like middleware, and how Logility and Demand Solutions can simplify your integrated business planning – IBP. Thanks to disruptions in the supply chain over the last year or so, industry thought leaders are introducing a raft of new terminology in an […]

Planning promotional activity best practice. What to expect and how to measure it

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when it comes to running promotions is a lack of planning. If you do not put in the work beforehand, it is likely that you can end up missing the mark. There are many different elements of planning a promotion. You need to plan with your customers […]

Forecasting – How low should you go?

Companies need to be able to forecast demand accurately to avoid unnecessary losses. But strangely, there is no hard-and-fast method for doing this. It all depends on the level at which you treat the data. Going High And Low Traditionally, companies broke down forecasting into two different paradigms: bottom-up or top-down. The bottom-up approach starts […]

KPIs For Forecast Improvement

Why do I often hear demand planners’ fear of KPIs? I have seen reluctance in employing KPIs for forecast accuracy over the years for many reasons. Some consider it a stick to beat the planners with. A similar comment I hear is: everyone knows how good/bad the forecasts are, so why bother measuring them? At previous […]

Never mind Capable to Promise – How about Profitable to Promise?

Discover how the capable to promise paradigm is yielding to profitable to promise, and how it could improve your financials. Picture the scene – your top sales manager gets news of some new business. It’s a little below your usual profit margin, but the deal could be good for the company. However, fulfilling it would […]

S&OP in The Current Climate

Businesses of all sizes have been affected by the current pandemic. The difference between those who will thrive during this time and those who will not often depends upon the level of insight they have of their own business and the environment within which they operate. But in the current climate, what can we learn […]

Where is your business on the supply chain maturity chart?

Find out where your business is on the supply chain maturity curve. Discover how you can move up it and improve your business KPIs and efficiency. Manufacture and wholesalers wanting to develop real business intelligence, need to understand their current level of supply chain maturity so that they can improve their resilience and bolster long-term […]

Disruption RX Supply Chain Summit

Disruption RX is a complimentary virtual summit designed to help you rebound from unplanned shocks to your digital supply chain and seize new opportunities. Logility, Demand Solutions, and NGC customers, industry experts and thought leaders will come together to collaborate around how businesses can run smarter and faster with our innovative technology driving growth and […]

Use Digital Platforms to Help Implement Your Strategic Review

Learn how digital platforms are allowing supply chain businesses to better weather the storm, facilitating better planning, forecasting and performance. When the coronavirus pandemic first hit China at the start of 2020, commentators immediately saw the danger it posed to supply chains. The combination of changing patterns of demand, delayed shipments, and factory closures all […]

Maintaining customer service levels in a pandemic – who to serve first with limited materials?

Got limited materials? Which customers do you supply first? Times of crisis can put enormous strain on your ability to supply customers with orders. In some cases, you may not be able to meet demand. For that reason, you need some kind of strategy to prioritise customers to ensure that you lose as little business […]

The Right Level at Which to Plan

It is always a struggle to get it right: at which level should you forecast to obtain maximum accuracy for your demand plan, but without spending too much time in the detail. Is there an easy solution? Not really. It’s really a blend of effort vs reward. Do you spend your time improving the forecast […]

Why Mid Market Supply Chain Companies Are Investing In Digital Transformation

Mid-market companies are investing heavily in digital transformation of their supply chain in an attempt to improve both efficiency and competitiveness. The hope is that digitising aspects of their operation will drive improvements in key business metrics and, ultimately, enhance corporate performance. In Europe, 62 per cent of organisations expect a “significant increase” in the […]

Do Your Distributors Have The Right Products On Their Servicing Van

If you’re a manufacturer that distributes its products through various regions, you will, undoubtedly, come into various supply chain issues. Hub and spoke systems are used to ensure that, when a system needs urgent servicing, the right parts are available in a region to get the show back on the road. One particular problem is […]

Powerful features of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform

Get the Most out of Your Supply Chain Demand Solutions is excited to share our cognitive planning platform with you. Responding to and navigating today’s changing supply chain landscape requires agile decision making with the most current data available. The DS Platform has been engineered to deliver the data you need to make the decisions necessary. […]

Why we live by continuous improvement?

Let’s face it; the only constant in life is change. Furthermore, that sentiment rings especially true in the world of business, particularly in relation to the digital supply chain and demand planning systems. Technology evolves, new data systems become available, products become modernised, employees grow, and customer demands become greater too. Consequently, then, if your […]

Serving the Market Free of Charge

We have all heard the term; “we are living in unprecedented times”. What does that mean to your demand plan today and tomorrow? Businesses are struggling today to balance demand with resources. Demand Curves all over the pharma, food and medical supplies world are suddenly full of abnormalities. Demand Solutions Europe are here to help […]

Use Your Demand Solutions Tools to Assess the Impact of Covid-19 on Your Supply Chain

In these times of unprecedented change and myriad challenges that businesses are facing as a result of the Covid 19 impact on the world, the Demand Solutions team has taken comprehensive measures to ensure our employees, solutions and services continue to operate at the highest levels of performance and support for our Customers and their […]

Key Skills of the Dynamic Supply Chain Professional

No matter where you look, there’s no shortage of online articles and guides that talk about the key skills every supply chain professional needs to have.  More often than not, this advice is wishy-washy at best.  That’s not a dig at the people providing this advice, it’s just a comment on the type of tips […]

How long will it take your supply chain to recover from COVID-19?

The Coronavirus is receiving a huge amount of attention from world leaders and healthcare providers. One of the less-discussed aspects of it is the impact it will have on the global supply chain. Supply chains are becoming more and more intertwined and complex. In order to improve efficiency while also getting a greater return, firms that are involved in the supply […]

The Benefits of Accurate Digitised Supply Planning (II)

The Theory Of Constraints – Five Focusing Steps In our first Theory of Constraints blog, we examined the purpose of the theory, where it came from and the many benefits it has for lean manufacturing. Didn’t see it? Catch up here before reading this blog. Now, as a second step, we will explore in more […]

The Benefits of Accurate Digitised Supply Planning (I)

What Is The Theory Of Constraints And How Can It Make Manufacturers Money? Identifying potential bottlenecks in your supply chain, in-house manufacturing processes or route to market is nothing new for a growing production business. But taking this basic common-sense approach to running a tight ship and evolving it into a set of processes carefully […]

The Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain

SUPPLY PLANNING – MAN VS MACHINE When it comes to supply planning, you may be highly experienced in micromanaging large numbers of moving parts. You may be meeting demand and you might be managing budgets just fine. But are your methods agile and cost-effective? Do you meet demand by the skin of your teeth or […]

Is out of date stock hitting your bottom line?

During one of our recent meetings with a prospective customer, we got onto to talking about Expiring goods and the problems this can cause within the business. For the Company we were speaking to this was a huge problem, leading to the write-off of more than £1m of stock last year alone, so I thought […]

It’s not about reduction… it’s about Control

VISUALISE THE POSSIBLE – INTELLIGENT INVENTORY CONTROL For many companies, inventory control is a linear process controlled by a simple increase or decrease in purchasing or manufacturing. Crude measures are often employed to determine when inventory should be adjusted and these processes, all too often, are implemented too late to satisfy customer demand or solve […]

How Prepared Are You for the Next Recession?

The 2008 recession has been one of the biggest downturns in living memory. That said, many of the most severe effects of it have now eased. Most UK businesses have managed to get out the other side of it; but the fact is that it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves facing […]

Focus on What Matters With Automated Alerts

NO MORE “I DIDN’T KNOW” Proactive alerts to keep business on track In busy manufacturing, warehouse or sales environments, manually keeping track of every business variable is virtually impossible. A dip in sales on a certain product group, deliveries that haven’t arrived as expected and many more moving parts can set things into a downward […]

The Benefits of Accurate Digitised Supply Planning

What is integrated business planning (and why do you need it)? You may have heard about integrated business planning and the IBP software that can help your business and supply chain to move towards this next phase of digitisation. But what is it and why do you need it? What is integrated business planning? Largely […]

Supply Chain Analysis: Not Just a Brexit Necessity

It’s already a given that, assuming some kind of firm Brexit deal goes through, UK businesses can expect to experience a wide range of disruptions. Changes will potentially take place at every stage of the supply chain, and most businesses are putting contingency plans in place for the most likely outcomes. However, it’s fair to […]

Inventory Control

Fix The Forecast, Fix The Business According to the Microsoft Midsize Business Centre, inventory is among the most significant sources of revenue for a business – a notion which is seconded by many in the manufacturing sector. So why then, do so many businesses still hold a poor inventory position? Poor inventory position for many […]