Focus on What Matters With Automated Alerts

Focus on What Matters With Automated Alerts


Proactive alerts to keep business on track

In busy manufacturing, warehouse or sales environments, manually keeping track of every business variable is virtually impossible. A dip in sales on a certain product group, deliveries that haven’t arrived as expected and many more moving parts can set things into a downward spiral if they are not identified and addressed quickly. But with so many potential pitfalls, and no logical way to manually manage them, the “I didn’t know” line and an unhealthy dose of despair is often the result.

Did you know that class-leading supply chain management systems can alert you to critical changes within your business? Alerts of this nature aren’t a new thing of course, but what about if the alert system was intelligent enough to predict an issue and inform you well in advance, so that you have time to react?

In other words, instead of receiving an alert on a Friday which tells you sales for that week were down, you could receive an alert on the Tuesday to tell you sales aren’t following the expected curve. Giving you time to investigate the root source of the problem, rectify it or shift your sales focus elsewhere to make up the deficit.

Your business, your rules

Alerts of this nature can be set in accordance to your business rules, with intelligent supply chain systems like our DSX software capable of setting alerts across any data stream in the system.

This gives you complete control to manage your business as an individual entity, with its own rules and requirements. We believe this is how a digitised system should be; agile, business-specific and proactive.

In our system in particular there are around 250 pre-built alerts to select – simply adjust the parameters to meet your KPI’s and business rules. Here are some examples of the sort of alerts you may choose to set on your system:

Sales performing better or worse than planned for so for better performing items, you can speak with your suppliers to get more delivered so as not to miss out on sales; for those performing worse than planned for … can you back-off the next delivery order or encourage your customers to buy more by alerting the Sales team they need to push them?
Past due deliveries so that you can work with your logistics provider to resolve the issue or source alternative products
Performance against budget and performance against flex plan so that you can hone sales and manufacturing focus according to demand and budget

For more information on supply chain management and demand planning software from Demand Solutions Europe, click here. Or why not connect with our sales and marketing director, Alex Young on LinkedIn?

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