Demand Solutions Europe is proud to welcome Stevie Fleming onto the Board of Directors as Director of Operations

Demand Solutions Europe is proud to welcome Stevie Fleming onto the Board of Directors as Director of Operations

Summary: Demand Solutions Europe has appointed Stevie Fleming as Director of Operations. Stevie is responsible for managing the Supply Chain Consultants team responsible for implementing Demand Solutions, Forecast to Fulfilment Platform.

Demand Solutions Europe has announced the appointment of Stevie Fleming to the Board of Directors as Director of Operations. Stevie has been in the role of Director of Supply Chain Services with Demand Solutions Europe for the past two years and has been key to delivering complex installations for customers and developing the continuous improvement program.Steie

When joining Demand Solutions Europe, Stevie brought with him his experience as a successful IBP manager for Heineken UK and Scottish & Newcastle, as well as more than 25 years in FMCG demand forecasting and supply planning, procurement, logistics, and manufacturing functions. By bringing his unique best practice to the Supply Chain Consultancy team, Stevie has transformed the way that the software has been introduced to and adopted by customers.

Asked to share his vision for the Supply Chain Consultancy team, Stevie said, “Pride, Passion & Professionalism has been our mantra for the year. As well as direct performance feedback from our customers, we’ve left each project engagement asking ourselves if we could have done any more for the customer, benchmarking, and competency mapping ourselves. Actively looking for ways to continually improve.

“The outcome is that we have a customer base who recognise the value we bring to their organization, have shown they are happy to continue to use our consultants with additional services & repeat business and have a growing list of clients willing to share or tell future prospects how good we are!”

A focus on forming long-term relationships with customers and supply partners is a key aim for Stevie. This has been achieved through delivering value and efficiency with customer engagements by fostering a team environment, as well as ensuring customer focus is the centre of the team’s attention.

In his new role, Stevie is looking forward to getting back out and meeting customers as the Covid-19 travel restrictions begin to lift. The pandemic has meant that the company has had to take a flexible approach to projects and customer engagement but, despite the restrictions, Demand Solutions has operated during the last year with a ‘business as usual’ attitude. The team has continued to deliver full end-to-end forecasting and replenishment implementations entirely remotely. Stevie commented that although the change had been “Frustrating at times, there are some learnings to be had from the last 12-18months, some of which will see us operate differently in the future. Adversity often breeds innovation and I feel my team is in an even stronger position to support our customers worldwide.”

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