Demand Solutions Europe provides businesses like yours with fully digitised supply chain and demand management software.

Our solutions lead to improvements in forecast accuracy, reduction in inventory and improved customer service levels, whilst providing visibility of financial and budgetary data across your supply chain. Our platform is flexible enough to offer any business the right combination of digital tools and functionality, packaged together to create a system which is tailored to your business needs.

Below are some of the capabilities that our solutions provide.

Our Solutions

Digital Supply Chain Platform

Our supply chain management solution synchronises demand planning with supply planning, manufacturing and IBP/S&OP to empower supply chain stakeholders to make precise, strategic decisions powered by advanced analytics.

Our capabilities include demand forecasting, supply planning, manufacturing optimisation, workflow optimisation, team collaboration, data visualisation and analytics, and Sales and Operations Planning. These lead to improvements in collaboration across your organisation and externally with suppliers and customers, whilst also reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Forecast Management with Collaboration

Our forecasting engines utilise proven statistical forecasting methods in addition to cutting-edge Machine-Learning and AI capabilities, whilst also allowing for forecasts to be adjusted based upon market intelligence, promotional activity and product lifecycle profiles. Improvements in forecast accuracy, demand visibility and alignment to budgets lead to more profit-led decision making.

Supply Planning

Take the guesswork out of order fulfilment. With a fully digitised forecast, planning your supply will be strategic, timely and accurate. From ordering the right stock, to preparing your manufacturing and logistics functions, your business will be lean and profitable.

Manufacturing Optimisation

Manufacture the right products, at the right time, according to your forecast. With a digital twin reflecting your entire business function, you will know well in advance what needs producing, by when and whether you have the right stock, storage and logistics to deliver it.


The integrated business planning functions of our class-leading software enable siloed businesses to unify their workflows to work towards business goals rather than individual team objectives. Sales & Operations Planning happens as a business-wide, holistic process, delivering overall productivity to meet demand and increase profit.

Data Visualisation

Visualise useful data streams, in a format which helps you to make accurate and profitable business decisions in both the short to medium, and longer terms. Our software will automatically use this data to produce forecasts and other useful, highly accurate predictions.