Powerful features of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform

Powerful features of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform

Get the Most out of Your Supply Chain

Demand Solutions is excited to share our cognitive planning platform with you. Responding to and navigating today’s changing supply chain landscape requires agile decision making with the most current data available. The DS Platform has been engineered to deliver the data you need to make the decisions necessary.

Supply Chain Data Management

New User Interface

An intuitive user interface (UI) is a foundation of the DS Platform. This user experience puts critical insight at the fingertips of your planners so that they can make the decisions needed to optimize your supply chain.

Manufacturing Optimization (MO)

Meet MO, the next generation of Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions. As part of the DS platform, MO creates reliable and executable production plans that are optimized to your machine, personnel, sequencing, cleaning, tooling and inventory constraints to help your business react quickly to disruptions, reduce lead times and ensure reliable product availability.

DS Deploy

Deploy is a smart allocation tool that is part of the Replenishment Planning (RP) component of the DS Platform. Using Machine Learning, DS Deploy provides crucial information about how expected needs align with existing resources so that organizations can best prepare to serve their customers and maximize profitability. Deploy can input near real-time receipts, COVID-19 data, and other critical business indicators and monitor correlation of order receipts to external risk data feed by location.

Demand Sensing

The Demand Sensing engine allows you to extract knowledge from traditional and non-traditional data to develop insights, surface opportunities and drive profitability by adding short-term precision to long-term planning efforts. Demand sensing is the translation of market based-demand information to detect short-term buying patterns. The ability to leverage machine learning (ML) and near real-time Big Data to improve your supply chain’s capability to respond to unplanned demand changes is a transformational opportunity for your company.


  • Leverage all data sources to make precise supply chain decisions in real-time.

In challenging markets, only the strong survive and our customers take advantage of every relevant data source available. The Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Platform’s ready built integration layer creates a holistic view of your supply chain business within 30 – 60 days.

  • Make better informed buying and allocation decisions across your supply chain.

The Integration layer allows you to blend your Oracle, SAP, Infor, Microsoft, or other ERP data with your Business Intelligence and 3rd party data sources such as IRI, or even the long range weather forecast into your Forecasting and Requirements Planning tool.

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