Serving the Market Free of Charge

Serving the Market Free of Charge

We have all heard the term; “we are living in unprecedented times”. What does that mean to your demand plan today and tomorrow?

Businesses are struggling today to balance demand with resources.

Demand Curves all over the pharma, food and medical supplies world are suddenly full of abnormalities.

Demand Solutions Europe are here to help with expertise and, using industry leading tools, data insights to help you; “smooth the curve” and separate the abnormal noise in the market from the real demand. All without charge.

How does it work?

Sign up on a first come first serve basis.

We provide an industry standard 2-way NDA to sign.

You give us a 24-36 months pre pandemic sales history (your ‘As Was’ Demand).

We will overlay the current sales demand to establish when normal service resumes, what the upswing will be so that you can best prepare to meet demand.

By comparing the materials, you have in stock today we can establish where the gaps and shortages are to allow you to do three critical activities:

  1. Establish the suppliers you are dependent on to meet the demand so you can qualify their ability to supply in the current climate.
  2. Make hard decisions about prioritising customers and how best to utilise the stock you have available.
  3. Provide suppliers with a readjusted realistic demand position so that you can work collaboratively to get the supply chain moving back to normal

Our customers have told us time and again, that the impact these insights provide is so powerful, that they must be seen to be believed. We are happy to take on the extra workload, at no cost to yourselves, but do ask in return, that you update us after this period is over to describe how you were able to use our scenarios.

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