10 Challenges for Food and Beverage Supply Chains to rise to
  1. Risk of not maintaining regulatory compliance
  2. Need to maintain batch traceability and recall capabilities
  3. Need to reduce time-to-market
  4. Increasing complexity of managing perishable products customer service expectations
  5. Changing consumer trends and expectations, such as the rise of health-consciousness causing shift in demand towards healthier foods, e.g., preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free.
  6. Sustainability conscious public leading to bans on plastic and reduction of packaging
  7. Increasing raw, WIP, and FG Inventory
  8. Increasing costs due to market disruptions especially rising total logistic costs
  9. Explosion of data volumes and sources to manage
  10. Need for improved decision-making support tools – AI & Analytics
Does this profile feel familiar?
  1. You have a distribution intensive supply chain
  2. Your SKU count is high and available in different package sizes
  3. Your brand releases a lot of new products and promotional items
  4. Your products are seasonal with complex or short shelf-life requirements
  5. You have high demand & supply variability and a need to evaluate multiple scenarios
  6. Channel shift to grocery and B2C away from food service due to Covid-19 Pandemic
  7. A growing concern towards animals and shortages in meats due to the Covid-19 Pandemic is accelerating the demand for meat-free products
Customer Success Stories
We operate a unique supply chain, and we needed a best-in-class solution to provide the flexibility and visibility to adjust to changing market demands. The results since implementing Logility have been fantastic.
David Hovey – Director of Supply Chain
  • Improved forecast accuracy by more than 20%
  • Decreased finished goods by more than 20%
  • Increased case fill by 2%
  • Enabled a granular lever of forecasting within a single global instance
  • Increased trust in statistically generated demand plans
  • Improved overall forecast accuracy and visibility plus gained the ability to run forecast calculations on-demand
Logility’s optimization services have evolved our platform to simplify tasks and allow our supply chain team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Vice President – Supply Chain North America
  • Reduced forecast error in one division by 50+%
  • Achieved record service-level of 99.48%
  • Reduced inventory obsolescence to nearly zero on an annual basis
Our strategic growth plans require greater visibility and a flexible platform for both digital and operational supply chain success. Logility has been a key partner in support of our long-term goals and we look forward to new opportunities in the future.
Michael Bever – Executive Vice President Operations
Deciding on Demand Solutions DSX technology was easy, as it fits with our systems strategy and the user interface is familiar to our many Microsoft Office users.
Kolie Lintvelt – Administration Manager
As we continue to experience rapid growth, working in partnership with Demand Solutions on improving our forecasting process will ensure that we are best positioned to deliver locally-sourced Indian and Asian meal-kits to our customers and consumers in the UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland.
  • Achieved $15 million – $20 million in savings
  • Improved service levels by 2%
  • Rolled-out across North America and Europe