Why we live by continuous improvement?

Why we live by continuous improvement?

Let’s face it; the only constant in life is change. Furthermore, that sentiment rings especially true in the world of business, particularly in relation to the digital supply chain and demand planning systems.

Technology evolves, new data systems become available, products become modernised, employees grow, and customer demands become greater too. Consequently, then, if your business fails to progress with the times, your strategies will quickly become outdated and allow your competitors to capitalise on your shortcomings. In short: continuous improvement is an integral feature of establishing the supply chain best practice.

What happens when the supply chain management stands still?

The importance of effective supply chain management should be clear to all entrepreneurs. Research indicates that 79% of companies showing high-performance supply chains grow at a faster than average rate, compared to only 8% of companies that have low-performance supply chains. This stat alone should underline the importance of getting it right, particularly as the world of business shifts increasingly towards an almost exclusively digital supply chain.

When you take a one-off transactional approach to supply chain management, the systems are designed and incorporated around a snapshot in time. The demand planning and forecasting strategies may have signalled the supply chain best practice at the time of implementation, but the world of business has progressed since the software was originally configured. In turn, the packages and supply chain facilities may now be outdated and holding your business back from managing data and productivity in the most effective manner.

Worryingly, up to one in three companies don’t even recognise problems with their digital supply chains. Some of the telltale signs that your systems are no longer ‘fit for purpose’ include, but are not limited to:

  • Your planning software was bought years ago, for a business that has evolved and a supply chain that has changed shape.
  • Since installation, you have adopted new systems and identified other data feeds relevant to the planning and supply process, all of which may relate to constraints that could be automatically factored into the requirements planning.
  • The proper functionality on the platform and your database are not built around the products and aggregations that are currently used.
  • Your team resorted to short-term, “work-around’s in spreadsheets” outside the platform to provide a solution, which has since become the ‘process’.
  • The database has grown out of control and caused negativity to performance due to issues ranging from unnecessary aggregation settings, to server and storage faults.
  • Original Super Users have moved on to new roles or companies while new recruits and promoted staff members have been taught simply to do things, “the way they’ve always been done,” rather than finding the best solution for the current situation.

When any of the above issues are noted during a Continuous Improvement Review of your current approach to the supply chain practices, a gap has formed between the potential of the software and its current performance. Naturally, then, it’s imperative that you plug that gap to keep the business on track. Demand Solutions Europe have the answer.

The solution is to invest in continuous improvement

As already identified, the world of business is continually changing, and you simply cannot rest on your laurels. From a perspective of software design and implementation, the digital supply chain must avoid using a transactional relationship, such as buying an off-the-shelf product that never evolves. Instead, your business should focus on forming a partnership with a provider like Demand Solutions Europe that guarantees a fluid digital supply chain platform that is underpinned by an ongoing commitment to improvement and modernisation.


Client expectations are perhaps the most significant incentive to keep supply chain facilities updated. Half of all manufacturing supply chains will be able to offer direct-to-consumption shipments and home delivery before the end of 2020, while capitalising on the latest technologies and techniques can help your companies enjoy a host of logistical benefits that will ultimately boost its bottom line. Some of the most important rewards are:

  • Reduced freight transportation costs.
  • Quicker transportation times for improved client satisfaction.
  • Faster communication, both in-house and towards the client.
  • Direct collaboration and updates with suppliers.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced data errors.
  • Quicker identification and response to logistical problems.
  • Heightened confidence in the systems.
  • Reduced financial waste and increased automation.

Crucially, investing in an evolving supply chain platform ensures that your software version remains current and updated to mirror any further technological developments. Supply Chain Precision additionally goes the extra mile to ensure that employees are well versed in the latest software capabilities, to produce smoother performances. This includes managing multiple pickup locations, as well as domestic and international destinations, something that almost half of all supply chain managers feel has become a necessity.

Partnering with Demand Solutions Europe

Appreciating the need for continuous improvement in business, not only in regards to the supply chain, establishes a stable platform. However, partnering with the right company is essential. Demand Solutions Europe boasts a reputation as one of the world’s most capable teams for digital supply chain platform implementation. Aside from providing a comprehensive approach from conception to completion, the ongoing support ensures that your company remains at the top table of supply chain management forever. Our consultants come directly from the supply chain industry, leveraging success from years of experience in the field as well as a genuine appreciation of your perspective.

With Demand Solutions Europe, you can lean on the demand planning tool to model new scenarios and benefit from the insights of highly experienced supply chain consultants. Whether boosting productivity or handling client questions with immediate responses, every aspect of the supply chain will feel under control. In addition to the plethora of direct benefits, it will free up more time to focus on perfecting other elements of the business operation. Crucially, updates and upgrades can be completed without causing downtime or disruption to the venture, ensuring that supply chain services remain in excellent health for the long haul. While it’s not the only key ingredient in the recipe for running a business, it will give you a better shot at enjoying the sweet taste of success

Ultimately, if your organization hasn’t reviewed its Supply Chain software platform in the past five years then you’re missing out on a plethora of available features. And if you haven’t upgraded your platform in the past 3 years, why not?

Demand Solutions Europe are continually being challenged by changes in supply chains, as well as customers, to come up with new methods to gain the most out of the platform and are keen to share the latest developments with the entire customer base. It provides another perspective on the process of continuous improvement, allowing all clients to learn and benefit from those experiences.

So why not leverage that experience on an ongoing basis as your business evolves and you launch new products and suppliers, reacting to changes in the market by contacting Demand Solutions through, Supply Chain Precision today?

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