The Kraft Heinz Company Pushes the Efficient Inventory Frontier

The Logility digital supply chain platform helped The Kraft Heinz Company optimize inventory, increase service levels, lower costs, improve agility, maximize opportunity, minimize risk and help it to achieve predictable results throughout the organization.

The Kraft Heinz Company Pushes the Efficient Inventory Frontier


For more than 100 years, the Kraft Heinz Company has been a global leader in the food and beverage industry. Several highly seasonal products with short shelf-life and frequent new product promotions are just some of the supply chain complexities the company faces.

Kraft Heinz needed to improve working capital turnovers and cut costs, all while maintaining high levels of service.


Logility Inventory Optimization helps Kraft Heinz guarantee the right stock is when it needs to be and when. It has optimised inventory, lowered costs, maximised opportunity and minimised risk.


The Logility digital platform has helped Kraft Heinz achieve predictable results throughout the organisation. Inventory is being synchronised with customer demand and planning days have reduced by 60%.

In addition, Kraft Heinz has delivered the best service levels in five years with the lowest inventory.

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