Food Exporter Enhances Strategic Planning and Decision-Making

Logility helped Walter & Wild gain deeper insight into its supply chain for better decision-making, as well as providing key metrics for short- and long-term strategic planning.

Food Exporter Enhances Strategic Planning and Decision-Making


A lack of visibility and insight across its brands, regions and teams was proving to be a challenge for New Zealand food exporter Walter & Wild. The company could not respond to changes in the food and beverage market as quickly or decisively as it wanted.

Walter & Wild needed deeper insight into its supply chain to enable better decision-making and strategic planning.


Logility set out to provide the Walter & Wild management team with a daily snapshot of the business to facilitate enhanced decision-making through user-friendly digital dashboards.

The flexible and easy-to-use platform also gives analysts key metrics for strategic planning, while giving production, sales and marketing teams vital information to manage their day-to-day activities.

In addition, Walter & Wild is using Logility to extend the life of its current legacy ERP systems, allowing the businesses to concentrate on progressing with new initiatives now and wait to replace the ERP when the time is right.


With the Logility solution in place, Walter & Wild can respond quickly and decisively to market changes and trends. It has enhanced strategic planning and decision making, as the business can easily access the right data when needed and make better decisions as a result.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) has become much more efficient now that teams can see key metrics on one screen in near real-time. Being able to track sales performance by month, year to date, region, category and salesperson across the entire organisation is a tremendous benefit for the food exporter, and the company is looking to implement more Logility solutions following the success so far.

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