Digital Supply Chain – Life Cycle Planning

From product launch to product retirement, Logility’s life cycle planning solution enables you to forecast market demand for items with little or no performance history to build on.

Digital Supply Chain – Life Cycle Planning

Today’s consumers are demanding products with more innovation and environmentally conscious options. Product life cycles are accelerating as a result.

As companies increase the rate of new product introductions (NPIs), many are stepping up the retirement of other items. The need for demand visibility is growing exponentially as manufacturers, distributors and retailers all try to ensure successful product launches and maximize margins from product sunsets.

Logility’s life cycle planning solution is especially suited for consumer goods, food and beverage, high fashion, electronics and seasonal items where sales history may not exist or may be a poor indication of future demand. It’s also used to forecast products in other types of industries where historical demand is not a good indicator of future sales, such as catalog or service parts products.

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