E.A. Sween Strengthens Customer Relationships

Following a rapid implementation, the Logility platform enabled the E.A. Sween team to quickly gain visibility across the supply chain to sense and respond more effectively to customer needs and market trends.

E.A. Sween Strengthens Customer Relationships


E.A. Sween makes millions of high-quality sandwiches for US convenience stores, delis and vending machines each week. The company had a wealth of data about these transactions, but its existing enterprise resource system (ERS) couldn’t produce the timely, high-level view of the business that management needed.

The company needed a way of accessing its data that was quick to implement, cost-effective and user-friendly. Importantly, the new analytics solution needed to integrate seamlessly with its existing technology.


With Logility’s Advanced Analytics for Sales platform, E.A. Sween gained immediate visibility across its entire supply chain. The solution was installed within a week, providing the company with rapid access to the data that had been trapped in its existing ERS for so long.

Sales and marketing teams, as well as management, can get insight on performance, trends and profit with just a few clicks of the mouse. What’s more, E.A. Sween’s teams are able to easily share detailed and relevant information with customers, making it easier for them to understand their performance.


The benefits of improved reporting are being felt right across the supply chain, all the way through to the customer site. Managers are able to respond more effectively to market trends and make quicker business decisions, which has increased customer satisfaction. Sales, too, have increased as the company is better equipped to meet customers’ unique needs thanks to the insight the platform provides.

The Logility platform has enabled E.A. Sween to turn information into action, improving sales and operations planning, as well as increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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