Clothing Company Boosts Services Levels By Increasing Forecast Accuracy

Through a long-term relationship with Logility, VF Corporation has improved the planning process, boosted customer service levels and inventory position, increased forecast accuracy and enabled effective management of key accounts.

Clothing Company Boosts Services Levels By Increasing Forecast Accuracy


As one of the world’s largest clothing, footwear and accessories companies, VF Corporation operates multiple brands across multiple countries and multiple distribution channels.

To efficiently manage such a complex supply chain, VF needed a long-term supply chain management partner it could rely on.


By partnering with Logility to manage its supply planning process, VF has greater supply chain visibility and can generate more accurate analysis of wholesale customer demand.

The company leverages demand planning best practice through the Logility platform, so its skilled planners can shift their focus from spreadsheet manipulation to specific value-add improvement efforts. As a result, VF is able to better manage its key accounts by focusing on the real trends and streamlining data analysis.


Improving the demand planning process has helped VF gain valuable insight and increase forecast accuracy across the business – including for new and seasonal products with no product demand history, via Logility’s seasonal profiling tool.

By accurately forecasting these seasonal products, VF has seen customer service levels increase, all while minimising obsolete inventory and reducing inventory carrying costs.

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