Can you relate to Cathy's pain?

Cathy is a finance controller who processes all financial data and structures and delivers insights to the business. She is responsible for processing expenses and is involved with financial planning. She needs to be super organised, but her challenge is that the expenses typically all come in one big wave at the end of the month. This does not help make it easy for everyone to be reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Her challenges include:
  • Heavy manual work load
  • Too little policy compliance
  • Too many paper based receipts to keep track of
  • Lengthy reimbursement cycles
  • Risk of fraud
  • Difficulty to comply with tax rules
  • Data entry errors

How Rydoo can help Finance Controllers like Cathy

  • Reduce number of man-hours required to process the expenses
  • Shorter reimbursement cycle
  • Highlight insights and trends to the business
  • Increased internal policy compliance
  • Deliver a paperless solution for capturing receipts
  • Fraud prevention
  • Reduce human error

Can you feel Fiona's pain?

Fiona is a Finance director responsible for managing the business’s cash position. Fiona uses the data produced by Cathy, to make the decisions that impact on the financial planning and effectiveness of her team.

Her challenges include:
  • No overview/visibility on company
  • Multitude of systems
  • Risk of fraud
  • Difficulty to comply with tax rules
  • Too little expense policy compliance

How Rydoo helps Finance Directors

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions
  • Clear insights on company expenses
  • Global solution, locally compliant prevention of fraud
  • Enforced policy compliance

Travis the traveller

We all know a ‘Travis,’ who is out there representing the business incurring travel related expenses. He wants to prioritise his time for executing projects and meeting with clients.

Can you relate to Travis Traveller’s challenges?
  • Complex submission process open to errors
  • Time spent processing expenses is time not spent on customer projects
  • Loosing paper receipts and personally funding expenses
  • Long reimbursement cycle

How Rydoo can help

  • Reduced manual workload to save time
  • Paperless office
  • Help prevent manual data entry mistakes
  • Faster reimbursement period

Supply Chain Precision, SCP, is the trading arm of Demand Solutions (Europe) Limited – a leading global provider of the Demand Solutions® software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain planning software. SCP see expense management as another important component in the digital transformation process and are excited about offering our customers the ability to support and increasing remote based workforce, by saving them time processing expenses.

Having the ability to capture their expenses on the fly through their smart phones streamlines administration, avoids costly mistakes and reduce paper storage – which is something we all want to do for the environment. We also see the subject as topical as many firms are in the process of reducing office space and so have less ability to store it.

Expense management can feel like a burden, but by making business travel simpler and reimbursing staff sooner, it is a real win for the employees. By digitizing the businesses expense processes, it is also a win for the employers who are keen to reduce errors, fraud and the heavy manual workload.

When SCP met with Rydoo and learned how they helped companies in retail, construction, pharma and aviation industries save finance teams hours a week, whilst increasing productivity, we saw an immediate fit for our supply chain customers.